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Mental trauma after a car crash can impact your life greatly

Many factors can impact the injuries you will suffer in a car accident. One thing that is consistent no matter what kinds of injuries you suffer is that you are likely mentally impacted by the crash. When you are dealing with physical injuries and mental trauma because of the accident, your life might be greatly impacted.

We understand that having to try to deal with the mental effects that come with a car crash can make it difficult for you to drive or even get in a vehicle. It might make it hard for you to function on a normal level. It could impact your work and your family life in ways that you can't really predict.

Distracted driving accidents are far too common in this country

People can die when drivers are distracted. This is just the harsh reality of the situation. There are many different things that can distract drivers. All drivers must make sure that they don't fall into the habit of driving while distracted because doing so can lead to tragedy.

When a person is traveling at 55 mph, they travel the length of a football field in only five seconds. Think about that for a minute. Five seconds isn't a long time. In fact, it is about the time that it takes a person to read a text or to send a short reply to a text.

Motorcyclists have every right to be on the roadways

Getting on a motorcycle is something that is invigorating. The freedom that you feel as the wind blows on your face is something that you won't ever feel in a car. This is why so many people turn to these vehicles when the weather is nice.

People who ride motorcycles and trikes are usually very safe drivers. They know the possible injuries they are facing if they are involved in an accident. Even when they are driving as safely as they can, there is still a chance that they will be struck by another vehicle. We help motorcyclists in this situation to take action against the driver who struck them.

How to avoid serious injury in common car vs. motorcycle crashes

No matter how responsible you are as a motorcyclist, you can't prevent motorists from being reckless. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are likely to suffer more severe injuries than motorists in a car vs. motorcycle crash. There are actions that motorcyclists can take when a driver makes an unsafe move to avoid or at least minimize the chance of serious injury.

Most motorcycle accidents occur when a car turns in front of a motorcyclist. Sometimes drivers don't see the motorcyclist. Other times, they think they can make the turn before the motorcyclist reaches them.

3 types of distractions to avoid while you are driving

One thing that drivers should always remember is that distractions can kill. You need to use all of your senses when you drive so that you can stay safe. Having anything take your focus off the road could lead to a serious accident.

There are three types of distractions that are particularly troublesome -- manual, visual and cognitive. Each of these take a crucial part of driving away.

Attractive nuisances are only one factor to consider

We recently discussed some of the points of an attractive nuisance and what the concept means when there is an injury due to one. It is imperative that you consider this concept if your child is injured on another person's property, but it isn't the only thing that you need to consider.

When it comes to premises liability cases, there are many factors that can come into the picture. You have to think about what the property owner could have done to prevent the accident from occurring. In the case of a grocery store slip-and-fall, cleaning the spill promptly or placing signage to warn patrons could have prevented the accident.

Premises liability: What is the attractive nuisance doctrine?

If you have small children, you probably realize that they are very curious and attracted to things that are not always safe. Sometimes, this curiosity becomes irresistible, leading children to wander onto someone else's property to explore. In terms of the law, these are known as attractive nuisances.

The problem with these attractions is that they can result in serious and life-threatening injuries to children. As such, the property owner may be held accountable for the injuries in a premises liability claim. This is so even if a child entered onto the property without the owner's permission.

2 men die when man slams into allegedly stolen dirt bike

When people see someone doing something wrong, they have to decide how they are going to respond. It is imperative that anyone who sees someone engaged in illegal activity refrain from taking matters into their own hands because failing to let the criminal justice system take its course could have horrible consequences.

A recent case shows just how devastating it can be when someone takes matters into their own hands. The case starts when a man in a van noticed a dirt bike that he noted was his brother's. It had been stolen. On the dirt bike at the time of the incident were two men.

Your status on a property might affect compensation claims

Nobody goes somewhere thinking that they are going to hurt while they are there. When an injury on another person's property occurs, the question of who is liable for the damages might come up. This is especially important if you are planning to seek compensation for the damages.

The damages that you might face could include anything from medical bills to time you have to miss work. The damages can be costly, but who should have to pay the cost?

Remember these important motorcycle safety tips

It is time for motorcyclists to head out on the open road to enjoy the warm days of summer. With this increase in motorcycle traffic comes the need to ensure that these bikers remain safe. If you are going to be riding a motorcycle this summer, make sure that you take the time to brush up on some safety tips.

Being highly visible is one of the most important things you can do when you are on a motorcycle. You can increase your visibility by wearing brightly colored clothing and reflective items. You can also drive a bright motorcycle, ensure the motorcycle's lights are working properly and place reflective tape on the motorcycle.