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Motorcyclists need to be 'present' as they ride

Are you worried about the dangers that you face when you ride a motorcycle? Perhaps you have had cars cut you off, and you could tell after the fact that the drivers never saw you. They were shocked and confused. They almost killed you. Now you're worried it will happen again.

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to be "present" at all times when you ride a motorcycle. It's a discipline. It's a mindset. You must remain focused on what you're doing and what is happening around you.

Pedestrian avoids injuries as SUV hits an office in Long Island

Personal injury claims are important for victims to pursue. Why? Without one, victims of accidents may be left to foot the bill for their injuries, which could add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. Fortunately, you have a right to file a claim and seek compensation.

Sometimes, people get lucky and avoid serious injuries, such as in this case where a pedestrian narrowly avoided being hit by a car that went on to strike an office building in Long Island. The pedestrian was just a few inches from the SUV that left the roadway and hit the office building.

Traumatic wrecks negatively impact some children

One of a parent's biggest fears is something happening to their children. When you are involved in a crash with your kids, your first priority is likely making sure they are doing. You'll probably have to help them work through what happened for a long time after the accident. It is hard for kids to realize that bad things like car accidents happen to good people.

You have to pay close attention to how your children are handling the stressors that come with the crash. You might notice that some kids have changes in their sleep habits or that they are reverting back to earlier behaviors. Bedwetting and thumb-sucking for some children are signs that something is amiss.

Get help to manage your DUI charges

Driving under the influence is never a good idea, but some people decide to do so anyway. Although it can result in a DUI or a serious crash, some believe that they'll be fine to drive and can even get home without getting caught.

The reality is that some people will escape without penalties, get home safely and be able to thank their lucky stars. For others, the police will step in and arrest them for drinking and driving.

Will some people always be bad drivers?

When you talk about bad drivers and how they can improve, people often point to things like practice and a greater understanding of what not to do on the road. Young drivers cause accidents, for instance, because of their lack of experience. As they get experience, they can become good drivers.

But does this always work? It's clear that many adults are poor drivers, as well. Is it possible that some people are inherently bad at this skill and will always be that way?

Hurt while dining out? You may be able to seek compensation

When you're on another person's or business' property, it's usually assumed that they will keep that property safe for you. For example, if you go to a restaurant, you expect that the chairs you're seated in will be sturdy. You expect the ceiling fan to be attached correctly and for doors and heavy items to be secured.

Unfortunately, there are cases where people have been hurt on business properties, leading to significant pain and suffering. Someone might fall down the stairs, trip on a sidewalk, get hurt when a chair collapses or suffer an injury through other means.

Vigilance is required to remain safe while shopping

The busy holiday shopping season isn't too far away, which means shoppers are going to start heading out to purchase gifts. Trying to remain safe in all the activity at the store is a challenge that can sometimes feel impossible. Stores have a duty to take proper safety precautions, but you might need to be especially vigilant during this season.

A number of things can go wrong while you are at a retail establishment. The dangers start in the parking lot. If the parking lot isn't well lit or properly maintained, you could trip or slip and fall. There is also the possibility of an attack or other crime.

Swift medical care is beneficial after a motorcycle crash

Motorcycle crashes can cause significant injuries and fatalities to the biker. One of the best things that a motorcyclist can do is wear a helmet. This helps to protect the brain if there is a crash. Wearing a helmet is 67% effective for preventing a severe brain injury and 29% effective in preventing a fatal head injury.

The safety that comes with wearing a helmet when you ride is essential, and it is the reason for many universal helmet laws. Motorcycle helmets are subject to safety standards set by the Department of Transportation. You can check your helmet to see if it has the approval of that agency by looking for a sticker in the helmet. Also, remember to replace your helmet immediately if you have a crash. You should also change it at least every five years.

Tailgaters can be aggressive or ignorant

You usually think of tailgaters as aggressive drivers. They're trying to push you to go faster, or they're getting so close in order to pass that they're risking an accident. They may even be tailgating because they're mad at you for something they think you did wrong -- whether you made any real driving mistakes or not.

These tailgaters absolutely do exist, and they cause a lot of accidents. Tailgating is often one of the only aggressive acts that an angry driver can think of to convey how they feel or what they want you to do. They know it's dangerous, but they react emotionally in the heat of the moment.

Teen's death increases number of cycling fatalities to 21 in city

A cycling crash in Long Island has left one person dead. According to the news report from Sept. 21, a teen cyclist was traveling on Borden Avenue when they were struck and killed.

The 14-year-old cyclist was riding alongside a truck at around 1:55 p.m. when the trucker made a right-hand turn and did not notice the cyclist in their path. As the truck made the turn, the cyclist had nowhere to go and fell under the rear tires.