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Are 3-wheeled vehicles motorcycles?

Almost every passenger vehicle, from the Ford Taurus to the Subaru WRX to the Toyota Tacoma, has four wheels. Large trucks often have more, such as semitrucks and heavy-duty pickups. Motorcycles, of course, have just two wheels.

But what about those vehicles in the middle, like the Polaris Slingshot? There has been a rising trend lately that centers around three-wheeled vehicles. Some have the twin wheels in the front, while others have them in the back. They tend to look unique, powerful and difficult to classify.

Car collision sends 4 to hospital

Anyone traveling through New York knows that it is one of the highest-traffic parts of the country, and hopes that they will stay safe while driving on the roads. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen, and sometimes, drivers and passengers are in motor vehicle accidents that result in personal injury and even death.

A recent crash did put one person, a woman from Queens, in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. As of this writing, she is listed as being in critical condition. That woman was a passenger in one of the vehicles in the accident. The driver of the car she was in, an Acura, was also injured as was the other passenger in the Acura and the driver of the other car involved in the accident, an Infiniti. All of the injuries, except for those suffered by the woman from Queens, were nonlife-threatening.

Beware of the common ways individuals get hurt during the summer

Today marks the official start of the summer. Families often take advantage of their kids being out of school for the summer to head out on vacations to other parts of New York and places far and near. Individuals are often more active and spend extended time outdoors during these warm months. It's no wonder that emergency room doctors see an uptick in patients being seen for certain conditions or concerns during this time of the year.

Burn injuries

DUI/DWI faced by erratic driver

Many things can draw the attention of authorities to instances of potential criminal activity. In cases of DUI/DWI incidents, authorities will, of course, investigate if there is an accident where they can apprehend the person said to be at fault at the scene, or where they can secure enough information to chase down a hit-and-run driver. However, there doesn't need to be an accident for authorities to investigate a potential DUI/DWI incident.

Authorities are often called if a vehicle is being driven in an erratic or otherwise unsafe manner. That was the case recently, when a New York motorist reported an erratic driver of another vehicle. Police officers rushed to the scene, Route 25 in Mattituck, and observed that the driver was going back and forth onto the roadway shoulder multiple times. The police officers quickly deduced that this was unsafe behavior, conferred to determine the best response and decided to stop the vehicle.

Why do people avoid responsibility?

You get into a car accident. You know instantly that it was the other driver's fault. You have the dash camera footage to back that up. All the same, the other driver gets out and blames you for the crash. They act irate and threaten to call the police.

Of course, you already called the police because you know that's a good step to take after a crash, so you're not threatened. What you do find yourself wondering, though, is how they can possibly be so afraid to take responsibility for their actions that they'll blame you for a crash that they clearly caused.

Pavement defects can be hard to navigate around

Motorcyclists face various hazards when they are on the road. While some of these come from other drivers, there are others that are due to the conditions on the roads. Knowing how to navigate imperfect pavement can help all motorcyclists enjoy a safe ride. It can also assist them in learning how to handle situations in which they have to ride over defects to remain out of the way of other vehicles.

Watching what is ahead of your motorcycle is one of the most important things you can do when you ride. This gives you a chance to spot hazards, and plan to avoid them. The higher your speeds, the faster you will have to decide what to do.

Motorcycle crashes may lead to compensation claims

We recently discussed how a motorcycle crash can have a negative impact on your finances. This is only one facet of what can happen when a driver slams into you while you are on your motorcycle. One important consideration is that you might suffer from an injury that you can never fully recover from. You might think that this isn't going to be the case in your situation, but you never know.

One thing that these medical issues can do to you is make you unsure of what you can handle by yourself. Learning how to do basic tasks again can be a challenge, so you have to be up for the task. Having a positive attitude can go a long way in these cases. If you have a negative attitude, you might find that you aren't able to do everything you need to do. We understand that the transitions you are making now are challenging. We are here to work on your behalf to seek compensation that might help you get the care and assistance that you need.

To stay safe, save that fast food until you get home

When you look at fatality statistics on America's roads, it feels pretty daunting to get in your car. The reality, though, is that there is a multitude of little, easy things that you can do to stay safe. A few of them include:

  • Obeying the speed limit.
  • Wearing your seat belt.
  • Signaling when you turn.
  • Staying off of your cellphone.
  • Driving with both hands on the wheel.

The list is long, and this is just a small sampling. However, there's another thing that experts say you can do that people often fail to consider. You should never eat while you drive. It slows down your reaction times and can cause you to drift out of your lane and into the oncoming traffic.

Thief and bad driver: man crashes stolen car

People get into legally problematic situations all the time. Most of them require criminal defense services in order to prevent or minimize the consequences that arise from such situations. Of course, one key thing that everyone can do is to avoid making their own bad situation even worse.

Recently, a New York man demonstrated his inability to follow that most basic advice, when he responded to questions from the police in a way that only made his legal situation worse and worse.

If possible, don't drive at night

Looking for ways to stay safe on the roads in New York? Maybe you've been watching the annual car accident fatality statistics, and you can't believe how many people lose their lives in crashes every year. Is it really worth the convenience of driving?

Well, one of the easiest ways to increase your own safety on the road is simply to avoid driving at night. If possible, just stay home. Drive during the day. If you have to get around at night, consider taking public transportation, like a bus or a train, instead.