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Brain and concentration exercises can make you a better driver

Do you want to become a better, safer driver? The key may lie in what you do at your desk today. You can actually train your brain in ways that help you when you get behind the wheel.

The problem is that we live in an "era of multitasking." We think we can do many things at once and do them all well. With the pressures on us from work and school, we often feel like we have to do multiple things at once just to get everything done.

Poorly maintained swimming pools can present dangers

When using a public swimming pool or a pool at the home of a friend, your primary safety concern is likely to revolve around watching your children. Of course, drowning is a real risk for those who are not strong swimmers, and additionally, wet surfaces can present significant dangers for children. However, many people do not often consider the health risks of poorly maintained pools.

Unclean or poorly managed water can exacerbate certain existing conditions and can also cause new ailments. If you have been affected by any of the following issues, it can be possible to take legal action against the premises.

Catastrophic injuries impact the remainder of your life

Motorcycles are a fun way to explore the local scenes, but they can sometimes end in tragedy. The problem is that after the New York winter, the other drivers might not recognize these two-wheel vehicles. This puts the bikers in a precarious position. Motorcyclists shouldn't have to do without their motorcycle just because others can't drive safely.

When you are on a motorcycle and struck by a vehicle, there is a chance that you will be seriously injured. These injuries are sometimes catastrophic. We realize that these can impact you for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, there might not be anything you are able to do.

You can be arrested for 'buzzed driving'

If you're preparing to leave a party, and you're tripping over the furniture or seeing two of everyone, you likely realize that you're in no condition to drive. If you don't, and you're fortunate, someone else will recognize it, take your keys away and order an Uber.

However, many people who say they would never drive drunk have driven while "buzzed." When a driver has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .01 to .07, that's defined as buzzed driving. It can be every bit as dangerous as driving with a BAC over the legal limit of .08.

Man from the Bronx indicted for identity theft

White collar crimes are often thought of as crimes without victims because they're not violent and those committing the acts don't see who they affect. The assumption that no one suffers is wrong, though, especially in cases where a person has their identity stolen or their bank accounts emptied.

In an interesting news article, a man from the Bronx was arraigned for identity theft. The 35-year-old man was accused of stealing a person's identity and attempting to steal from their bank account using their identity.

Slip and falls can happen in spring and summer months

Many people think that walking around is perfectly safe during the warmer months of the year since there isn't any snow or ice. The issue during the spring, summer and fall months is that you have to contend with rain. This can be a very serious issue because it makes the ground slick, but it might not appear to be. We realize that slip and falls that happen like this can be traumatic.

When it rains, especially when it first starts, the rain mixes with fluids that are on the sidewalks and roads. Even in crosswalks, you have to be careful because there is a chance that there are things like antifreeze, brake fluid and similar substances on the roads. When the water mixes with them, they can get very slick. This is a slip hazard for pedestrians, which can be very dangerous.

Tips for safely sharing the road with motorcycles

With warmer weather and summer quickly approaching, motorcyclists may begin to take advantage of the fair conditions across New York. As cars and trucks become accustomed to once again sharing the road with motorcycles, all drivers can take safety precautions to prevent accidents and keep both motorcyclists and other drivers safe.

What motorcyclists can do to stay safe

Charges for limo company after 20 people die in accident

In October of 2018, 20 people died in a horrific limo accident in New York. Recently, a grand jury decided that the operator of the company should face charges for negligent homicide and manslaughter. He faces 20 counts of each, for a total of 40 counts.

The man facing those charges did not own the company himself, but his father did. Reports note that the devastating accident was the worst single traffic accident in just under a decade.

Spinal cord injuries aren't a single-event problem

A motorcyclist who is involved in a crash can suffer a host of injuries. Some of these, such as a spinal cord injury, are very severe. It is imperative that anyone who is driving takes appropriate steps to watch for motorcycles so that these incidents might be avoided. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be careful, so people run the very real risk of being struck while they are riding their bike.

Many people think of a spinal cord injury as a single event, but this isn't the case. The initial impact begins a chain reaction that can devastate the victim. When the accident happens, the spinal nerve cells are killed or damaged. The release of toxins at the site of the injury and the lack of oxygen to the area can increase the damage to the spinal cord. This ongoing spinal shock happens in the days after the initial injury.

What really makes a pit bull dangerous

You have probably heard plenty of stories about how dangerous pit bulls are. It comes up in the news all the time.

However, those who love and raise pit bulls often talk about how they are friendly, loyal dogs when raised properly. They say it is not any inherent personality flaws that make them dangerous. Why, then, are they involved in so many serious -- and even fatal -- attacks?