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Drugged driving may be as problematic as drunk driving

For some time, alcohol impairment has been one the leading causes of fatal car accidents in the United States. However, according to data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the American Automobile Association (AAA), drugged driving has also become a big problem in New York and elsewhere.

The recent report showed that Suffolk County experienced the largest volume of drugged driver fatalities throughout the entire state in 2016. At the same time, it is important to note that this number is less than the figures collected for the previous year. In 2015, more than 30 drivers killed in fatal car accidents were found to have drugs in their bodies. Below you will find additional statistics associated with the findings:

  • Across New York State, 29 drivers killed in accidents had narcotics in their systems
  • Of the entire state's drug-related fatalities, 83 drivers tested positive for marijuana
  • In Long Island alone, 17 deceased motorists tested positive for marijuana
  • Also in the Long Island area, 19 drivers tested positive for narcotic substances

Motorcyclist dies in crash on Farrington Hollow Road

Motorcycle accidents are devastating to the victim, their families, witnesses and even the driver who struck them. The reality is that no one wants to see another person get hurt. Sadly, many drivers do not pay enough attention to the road and do cause accidents that result in serious injuries or the deaths of motorcyclists.

Sometimes, accidents happen when you'd least expect them. Take, for example, this report from Aug. 13 about a motorcyclist who was killed in a two-vehicle crash. According to the story, the motorcyclist had been traveling on Farrington Hollow Road when a person began backing out of his driveway in his vehicle. The 47-year-old driver failed to yield to the motorcyclist's right of way, leading to the 50-year-old motorcyclist impacting the vehicle.

New York has specific laws to keep pedestrians safe

Pedestrian safety has to be a priority for everyone. Having clear guidelines and rules for the interaction between people who are walking and those who are driving can help to improve the safety of everyone.

The New York State Pedestrian Safety Action Plan is one way that this state is trying to combat pedestrian accident. It has several important reminders for anyone who is on the roads.

Road rash dangers: What should you expect?

You enjoy heading out on a motorcycle. However, the last time you did, you were surprised by a driver who didn't stop at an intersection. You ended up getting out of the way, but you lost control and crashed. Now, you have road rash as a result.

While some forms of road rash can be treated at home, that's not always the case. In fact, some road rash is so serious that it can significantly change your life.

Car wreck injuries shouldn't ever be ignored

The days after a car wreck can be painful. It is all too easy to think that the soreness is normal, but there is a chance that it might signal something more serious. The symptoms that creep up in the period following the crash will likely need to be evaluated so that you can be sure that there isn't something more serious going on.

We know that this is a difficult time for you. While you are dealing with these issues, you also have to take care of other business like speaking to the insurance company about the damage to your vehicle. This can add even more stress to your life. We know that the last thing you need right now is more to do and more stress.

Can you pursue a premises liability claim for an elevator injury?

New York is home to some of the nation's tallest buildings. To help visitors, employees or customers get around easier, most tall buildings in the state feature elevators. Many assume these carriages are safe for use, but in some cases, they present injury risks to those who rely on them. While injured victims may have grounds to pursue a premises liability claim,

For example, if the hoist cable responsible for raising an elevator car is worn or defective, the elevator could fall and injure or kill its occupants. In another example, if the doors on an elevator contain defects, they could open or close unexpectedly and injure passengers. Specifically, a passenger could attempt to step out of the car not realizing it is between floors and suffer broken bones or more severe harm. Defective doors could also close while passengers exit resulting in possible crush injuries.

How does distracted driving affect the brain?

Texting and driving is a real problem in the United States. Teens, along with others, often text behind the wheel, even though it's illegal.

According to TeenSafe, 94 percent of the teens surveyed understood that texting and driving was dangerous, but they did it anyway. Combined with the fact that around 9 percent of drivers between 15 and 19 were distracted at the time of fatal collisions, it's no surprise that teens are often affected by distracted driving collisions.

Impaired driver allegedly kills couple on motorcycle

Motorcycle awareness is preached often in the media. Sadly, this doesn't always do enough to keep motorcyclists safe, especially when a driver is impaired. This is evident with the recent news out of the Village of Horseheads.

A vehicle that was driving toward a motorcycle reportedly turned left right into it. A husband and wife were out enjoying the motorcycle when they were struck. Both of them were thrown off. The man was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced deceased. The woman was brought to a different hospital, but she was also pronounced dead.

Motorcycle wreck victims likely need extensive medical care

Summer is the season when the most motorcycles are out on the roads. These bikers deserve to be able to make it home safely at the end of their ride. Unfortunately, there are drivers on the roads who aren't willing to slow down just a little bit and watch for motorcyclists. These inattentive drivers put the bikers at great risk.

There isn't any reason for a motorcyclist to get injured or killed because a driver doesn't want to be bothered by safety. When a motorcycle is struck by a motor vehicle, the person on the motorcycle typically suffers very serious injuries to the neck, back, or head. These traumatic injuries can impact the victims for years to come.

Air bags in your vehicle are important but can also harm

One of the most important safety features that you will find in the interior of vehicles today is the air bag. Many cars have more than one of these. While it is true that they do serve an important purpose, it is also true that they can be dangerous in some cases, such as when children sit in the front seat. Many people don't realize this so they use the air bags without giving them another thought.

When you are involved in a crash, a series of sensors work together to determine if the air bag must deploy. If it does, there is a chance that you might suffer from injuries caused by the inflation. One of these is that your face and upper chest might be exposed to the chemicals that cause the reaction that inflates the airbag. This can cause injuries to those areas, which can be devastating.