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5 people, 1 dog die in pile-up crash in Long Island

A man who caused a fatal collision is facing serious penalties after it was found that the vehicle was stolen and being driven at speeds of over 154 mph when his vehicle hit a family's Mazda. The speed limit on the roadway was only 40 mph, and the accident resulted in a pile-up crash involving an oil truck, an Infinity, the Mazda and the driver's Camaro.

Inside the Mazda, all of the passengers, ages 55, 36, 33 and 42, burned to death when their vehicle caught on fire. A passenger and dog in the Camaro were thrown from the vehicle. It was a horrible collision, and it was made worse when the driver allegedly lied to the police and said he was not driving at the time of the crash.

Many injuries can happen in a car crash

Healing after a car accident isn't always easy or quick. Instead, you might have to take your time in letting your body recover. This is a challenge for those who have a job or children because both of those are likely going to be demanding.

It is imperative that you think about what type of injury you have when you are making a plan for your recovery period. Some injuries, including spinal cord or brain injuries, are more serious than something that is more minor like a small laceration. In all cases, you might feel rather sore after the crash, which is perfectly normal.

Have memory issues? You could have a traumatic brain injury

You get involved in a motorcycle accident. You wear a helmet, you never break a single traffic law, and you take all the precautions you can. You still can't avoid a crash when another driver pulls out of a driveway in front of you. You hit the side of the car, hit your head on the hood, and fall into the street.

In the days and weeks after the accident, you keep having issues with your memory. You can't remember the crash at all. You have even forgotten some of the events that happened during the day. Moreover, you keep making simple little mistakes around the house -- forgetting to turn off the stove, forgetting where you left your wallet, forgetting if you flipped off the lights or not.

Make sure you file your claim after a car crash

One of the worst things to realize is that a vehicle that is near you is going to hit you. You might be stopped at an intersection or be faced with the reality that a large truck is moving into your lane without enough space for you to get out of the way.

Right before the accident, the terror you feel is unimaginable. After it happens, you may be badly hurt or unable to ask for help. It's hard to imagine what you could have done to help the outcome change, and the reality is that you may not have been able to do anything. You were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Debris on floors presents serious hazards for customers

Customers who venture into stores are often focused on the goods that are being offered. They likely aren't watching their feet as they walk around. For this reason, stores must ensure that they are keeping the floors free of debris. It takes more than just a quick sweep to make sure that this is done.

The warmer months of the year come with some added hazards that aren't present when it is cold out. For one thing, people who are enjoying the weather might be wearing open-toe shoes. These are comfortable. However, they do pose a risk of the customer being stabbed in the foot with something if there are items strewn about the floor. This shouldn't happen because there shouldn't be anything on the floor.

Get help with your DUI charges today

Most people know that driving under the influence is against the law once their blood alcohol content (BAC) is over .08%. What they may not understand is that you can also be penalized even if your BAC isn't that high.

The .08% limit is called a per-se limit. At that amount of alcohol in your blood, the authorities are able to assume that you are intoxicated. They are able to arrest you and book you for a DUI with no further evidence.

Never ride a motorcycle faster than you can see

Whether you are a brand-new rider or an experienced rider, odds are you have been thinking about just how fast you can ride your motorcycle. Maybe the thrill of riding quickly is part of why you bought the bike in the first place.

To stay safe, you never want to ride faster than you can see. What this means is that you should always feel confident that you can go from your full speed to a complete stop in the amount of road that you can see out in front of the bike.

Failure to wear a seat belt might impact a claim for compensation

Do you put your seat belt on each time you get into a vehicle? If your answer isn't a resounding "Yes!," there is a chance that you might be setting yourself up for a tough legal battle if you are struck by another driver and injured. This is because the person who you file the lawsuit against might opt to use the seat belt defense in the case.

When a person uses this defense, they are essentially saying that because you didn't wear your seat belt, they shouldn't be fully liable for the financial damages of the crash. This doesn't mean that they won't hold any accountability. It is possible that you can show that your seat belt wouldn't have had any impact on the injury.

The first steps to take after a New York car accident

Being involved or being a witness to a car accident can be traumatic and upsetting. While all of us know that car accidents are unfortunately a common incident in modern life, we will never be fully prepared to deal with the situation when we are at the scene.

It's important that you have a good understanding of what you are legally required to do if you are at the scene of an accident in New York. You should also know what can be done to preserve evidence so that justice can be done.

Cutting the grass? Remember motorcycle safety is everyone's job

Motorcyclists have quite a few things that they have to watch for when they are on the road. One thing that many people might not think of is watching for people who are mowing grass. Unfortunately, people who are cutting the lawn could be unknowingly placing all motorcyclists in danger.

Hitting blown clippings on a motorcycle is just like trying to drive on an ice slick. The grass can become impacted in the wheel of the motorcycle, which can lead to the tread of the tires being unable to grip the ground like they should. The motorcyclist might not be able to keep control of the motorcycle even if they are keeping the speed consistent and not faltering with the steering.