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November 2013 Archives

Alleged drunk driver causes 2-car crash near Islip, New York

When someone is pulled over for a possible DUI, it's an unsure and even frightening situation. With the field sobriety tests, the Breathalyzer, the questions and a possible arrest, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. You may have heard people say that you don't have to attempt the field sobriety tests or take a Breathalyzer. However, if you are arrested, it's always best to consult with a criminal defense attorney. In some cases, this could help prevent many mistakes that people make when a possible arrest for DUI looms before them.

Rapper DMX arrested for driving with suspended license after DUI

After a DUI indictment, many New York drivers face the prospect of surviving without their own means of transportation after their license is suspended. This can be particularly challenging for people who depend upon their vehicles to get to work, drive their children or themselves to school, or get to necessary medical appointments. If people lack an adequate support network, this situation can quickly devastate one's career and life.

Tinted windows lead to DUI arrest for actor Anthony Mackie

There are many factors that can go into a person's arrest for DWI. Most often, we think of a person driving in some manner that would lead a police officer to believe he or she was intoxicated. Smaller traffic infractions, however, can also lead to drunk driving charges as a recently celebrity arrest shows.

New York toughens drunk driving laws

The state of New York is notoriously tough on drunk driving. A few years ago, lawmakers instated Leandra's Law, which made it a felony to drive while intoxicated if there was someone 15 years old or younger in the car. The law also makes it mandatory for anyone convicted of this crime to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles. Some people, however, have found ways around this rule.