Rapper DMX arrested for driving with suspended license after DUI

| Nov 22, 2013 | Driver's License Suspension or Revocation, Firm News

After a DUI indictment, many New York drivers face the prospect of surviving without their own means of transportation after their license is suspended. This can be particularly challenging for people who depend upon their vehicles to get to work, drive their children or themselves to school, or get to necessary medical appointments. If people lack an adequate support network, this situation can quickly devastate one’s career and life.

In an area like Suffolk County where people depend heavily on road transportation, a license suspension is particularly hard-hitting. In some cases, a drivers license suspension can interfere so significantly with one’s responsibilities or even in some instances, health and recovery needs, that legal support may be enlisted to appeal the court’s decision based on specific hardship allowances.

Rapper DMX, whose legal name is Earl Simmons, knows these hardships well. He was caught in South Carolina on Nov. 4 for driving up to the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport with a suspended license. He allegedly responded with “aggressive words” and “idle threats,” according to a media source. The Spartanburg County Detention Center website also reported that the pit bull-loving rapper had no car tag or insurance. He was in jail for three hours before bond was posted. Police in the area were already familiar with Simmons’ criminal records, which included similar DUI and license suspension violations, along with other allegations like illegal drug possession. While the entertainer’s prior arrest history and aggressive responses have not endeared him to law enforcement officers, he still deserves a fair trial and consideration of the circumstances that led to his suspension violation.

For many convicted of DUI offenses in Long Island, a license suspension can create an unsustainable life situation. A downward spiral can be set into effect if, after a DUI conviction, a license suspension causes someone pervasive hardships that affect their health, education, parenting, employment or rehabilitation. While it’s understandable that roads should be kept safe for everyone, license suspensions may sometimes be overly harsh, ineffective or inappropriate disciplinary measures that interfere with efforts to rebuild one’s life. They may also unduly penalize younger or first-time accused offenders who do not habitually drink and drive. A DUI attorney can help evaluate these cases and advise about one’s options.

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