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January 2014 Archives

Alleged drunk driver crashes into police car, faces DWI charges

If you choose to drive after consuming alcohol, you must be extra vigilant about what you do as you drive. Watching out for pedestrians, other vehicles and obstacles in the roadway are all part of driving safely. One New York driver is facing drunk driving charges after hitting a parked police cruiser that had the rooftop lights activated.

Man faces serious penalties in Bronx pedestrian-auto accident

Anyone who makes the decision to drive has to be willing to watch out for everything that is going on around the vehicle. Even when a pedestrian is vigilant, an accident with a car can still occur. For one Bronx family, a mother making the decision to go to the corner store turned out to be fatal.

New York man faces DWI charges for wrong-way driving incident

There are some things that are best left undone. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is one of those things. However, some instances occur in which it seems necessary to drive after drinking. For one chemist in New York, making the decision to drive after drinking might have some serious consequences.

New York man faces charges for crash that killed his uncle

The last thing you expect when you are riding around with family members or friends is to get into a car accident. Unfortunately, you don't always remain safe while driving. For one New York man, driving around with his uncle just after dropping a friend off led to a serious car accident, which police are claiming was caused by the driver being under the influence of alcohol.

Accident leads to drunk driving charges in New York

Drunk driving is dangerous for you and others, so if you're stopped while driving under the influence, it's likely that the police won't let you walk away from an arrest. Although you may find yourself in trouble, drunk driving charges can be successfully defended against. If you're facing these charges, you may want to consider speaking to an attorney about ways to protect your reputation and rights while your case is pending.