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February 2014 Archives

New York man faces bribery and drunk driving charges

It is often said that honesty is the best policy. One 35-year-old New York man took that advice to heart when police officers found him passed out in his Audi at 2 in the afternoon. The man had been drinking tequila and did cocaine before he drove, according to what he told officers. He also told them that he was drinking on the highway. Officers found two bottles of wine and a bottle of rum in the front seat of the man's Audi.

Tyson Beckford's nephew arrested in New York City fatal wreck

A recent crash in New York City resulted in the death of the Hillside bus driver behind the wheel when an allegedly impaired Georgia man stole a truck and crashed it into the city bus at a Greenwich Village intersection. Four others were also injured in the accident.

New York man must face hearing for breath test refusal

When you are driving on public roadways, you have to make sure that you are following all traffic laws and driving in a responsible manner. There might be some instances in which you don't drive in a straight line or that you fail to follow posted traffic laws.