New York man faces bribery and drunk driving charges

| Feb 28, 2014 | Felony DUI

It is often said that honesty is the best policy. One 35-year-old New York man took that advice to heart when police officers found him passed out in his Audi at 2 in the afternoon. The man had been drinking tequila and did cocaine before he drove, according to what he told officers. He also told them that he was drinking on the highway. Officers found two bottles of wine and a bottle of rum in the front seat of the man’s Audi.

His blood alcohol level was reportedly .29. The officers had to take him to Saint Luke’s Hospital because he was so drunk. He was then booked. The man faces a felony driving under the influence charge. He also faces a charge for driving with a suspended license. His license had been suspended for drunk driving.

In addition to those charges, he faces five counts of bribery. The man allegedly tried to bribe the officers. He said he would give officers $40,000 if they sent him home because he didn’t want his mother to see him in a jail cell. He also offered the officers $50,000 and “expensive watches” if they dropped off his car and took him home.

This man is facing serious charges that can impact his future. It is important that he understands the meaning of the charges, as well as the possible consequences of a conviction before he answers to the charges. Seeking the advice of a New York criminal defense attorney might help him to get answers to any questions he may have.

Source: New York Post, “Drunken driver tries $50K bribe to go free: cops” Matt McNulty and Josh Saul, Feb. 22, 2014