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March 2014 Archives

Drunk driving charges filed against New York sanitation worker

When winter storms are forecast for the area, New York City residents and visitors count on sanitation workers and other public works employees to make sure the roadways are prepared. Spreading sand and salt on the roadways is one of the ways that the cities can prepare these roadways in an effort to help drivers remain safe as they travel from one destination to the next. For one New York City sanitation worker, trying to get that job done ended in drunk driving charges being filed against him.

David Cassidy gets reduced drunk driving charges in New York

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after you have had alcoholic beverages is something that usually shouldn't be done. There are some instances in which you might decide that you aren't impaired enough to prevent you from driving after drinking. For David Cassidy, making the decision to drive after he had been drinking landed him in some trouble with the law. That trouble, however, isn't as bad now as what it could have been.

New York firefighter now fighting drunk driving charges

When you have a stressful job, you probably try to relax when you get off work. For some people, the way they choose to relax is by drinking alcoholic beverages. For one New York City firefighter, the alleged decision to drink and drive while he was off duty has landed him in some serious trouble.

Man faces drunk driving charges for New York accident

When you are driving, being aware of what is going on around you is vital to ensure that you and the people sharing the road with you remain safe. When anything, such as alcohol, fatigue or distractions come into play, accidents can occur. In some cases, those accidents can lead to criminal charges being filed against the driver who allegedly caused the accident. For one driver in New York, allegedly being intoxicated led to an accident that was followed by what appears to be an interesting series of events.