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May 2014 Archives

New York homicide detective faces drunk driving charges

Although people hold law enforcement officers in high regard, these men and women sometimes make mistakes that can have profound effects on their lives. One recent incident in New York shows that police officers are only human and might make mistakes from time to time.

Alleged drunk driver crashes into New York Police building

It goes without saying that drivers need to be constantly aware of their surroundings. A person who has decided to drive after consuming alcohol may have a slowed reaction time to their surroundings that can be caused by even the most tiny bit of alcohol. A recent incident in New York City shows how important it is to remain extra vigilant while driving.

New York woman charged with drunk driving under Leandra's Law

People sometimes do things that others who know them think is uncharacteristic. This uncharacteristic behavior sometimes can lead to criminal charges if law enforcement officials classify it as against the law. One woman in New York is now facing charges stemming from an incident that her lawyer says is "out of character" for her.

Low conviction rates for misdemeanor DWI charges in some areas

Almost everyone is aware that driving while under the influence of alcohol is against the law. The penalties for a person convicted of driving while intoxicated are tough in the state of New York, but in Erie county, only around 17 percent of people arrested for misdemeanor DWI are actually convicted.

Driver's license revocation and more in DWI sentence

People who have been drinking sometimes make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of the car. In some cases, erratic driving, speeding, driving too slow or getting into an accident lead to police involvement that can result in drunk driving charges being placed against the driver. In the case of one actress' mother, allegedly speeding while drunk is what is led to her facing drunk driving charges in New York.