Driver’s license revocation and more in DWI sentence

| May 2, 2014 | Driver's License Suspension or Revocation

People who have been drinking sometimes make the mistake of getting behind the wheel of the car. In some cases, erratic driving, speeding, driving too slow or getting into an accident lead to police involvement that can result in drunk driving charges being placed against the driver. In the case of one actress’ mother, allegedly speeding while drunk is what is led to her facing drunk driving charges in New York.

Lindsay Lohan’s mother, Dina, recently pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an arrest last September when she reportedly blew a 0.20 percent on a blood-alcohol breath test. She was stopped for driving 77 mph in an area with a 55 mph speed limit.

She was charged with aggravated DWI because her blood alcohol limit was more than twice that of the legal limit in New York. Her guilty plea means that the 51-year-old woman must complete 100 community service hours before her June sentencing hearing.

According to the deal she made, her June 3 sentencing will include alcohol education classes, an interlock device on her vehicle, a one-year driver’s license revocation and fines totaling $3,100. In order for her charges to be discharged in a year, she has to follow the rules for that entire time.

This woman’s attorney blamed stress related to the paparazzi for his client’s drinking. Regardless of what caused her to drink, she has pleaded guilty to the charges in exchange for a sentence that will be handed out in June. Anyone who is facing drunk driving charges has the right to determine how to answer to the charges placed against them.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Dina Lohan pleads guilty to drunk driving, speeding” Christie D’Zurilla, Apr. 15, 2014