New York woman charged with drunk driving under Leandra’s Law

| May 17, 2014 | Felony DUI

People sometimes do things that others who know them think is uncharacteristic. This uncharacteristic behavior sometimes can lead to criminal charges if law enforcement officials classify it as against the law. One woman in New York is now facing charges stemming from an incident that her lawyer says is “out of character” for her.

The woman was allegedly driving while intoxicated. According to reports, she had her children in the car with her when she was involved in a single-car accident. After slamming into the telephone pole, the woman is reported to have tried to run from the scene with her children in tow.

Authorities found the woman and her 5-year-old, 7-year-old, and 9-year-old children about 10 minutes later. At that time, she reportedly shoved a law enforcement officer. The three children were handed over to their father after Child Protective Services was notified, and the mother was taken to jail.

Because the children were in the SUV when the woman was allegedly driving drunk, she has been charged with a felony drunk driving charge under Leandra’s Law. She wasn’t charged with anything relating to the claim that she shoved a law enforcement officer. Her bail was set at $90,000. She pleaded not guilty to the charge.

While the woman’s husband and her lawyer say she is a good mother, her neighbors say they hear arguments at the woman’s home. Social media images point to three happy children.

No matter what actually happened that evening, the woman now has to answer to these charges. Her lawyer says that there isn’t any evidence that proves she was intoxicated. The question as to whether or not she was intoxicated will be answered when blood tests come back, but her lawyer asserts that she wasn’t intoxicated. As anyone should do when he or she is facing charges, this woman has reached out to those who can provide her with help.

Source: New York Post, “Mother arrested for driving drunk with her 3 young children” Kirstan Conley, May. 11, 2014