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June 2014 Archives

Man with 10 passengers facing felony drunk driving charge

Drunk driving public service announcements serve as a reminder that it isn't safe to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol. Despite those warnings, there are some instances in which doing so might be necessary. For one Queens man, making this choice has landed him in trouble with the law, so now he will have to defend himself against some serious charges.

Fatal car accident leads to charge in Suffolk County

Making a mistake by getting behind the wheel after you have been drinking is something that can lead to serious consequences. Because of the potential consequences, it is vital for anyone who is facing these types of charges understand the charges against them so they can properly fight them when necessary. For one man, allegedly drinking and driving has landed him in trouble in Suffolk County, New York.

Vince's Law gives some New York DWI convictions harsh penalties

People make mistakes that sometimes necessitate a punishment through the criminal justice system. Drunk driving is one of those mistakes, but the punishment for that mistake might be getting a little bit more harsh thanks to Vince's Law.