Fatal car accident leads to charge in Suffolk County

| Jun 20, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges

Making a mistake by getting behind the wheel after you have been drinking is something that can lead to serious consequences. Because of the potential consequences, it is vital for anyone who is facing these types of charges understand the charges against them so they can properly fight them when necessary. For one man, allegedly drinking and driving has landed him in trouble in Suffolk County, New York.

The 54-year-old Long Island man is accused of causing an accident that killed a 45-year-old Middle Island woman just before 4:00 on a Saturday morning in Smithtown. He was driving his Audi northbound when he allegedly ran into a woman who was driving her Mercedes Benz westbound. The female driver was pronounced dead at a local hospital after the accident. The male driver suffered minor injuries in the accident.

The male driver was arrested. He now faces a charge of driving while intoxicated. He faces serious consequences, such as fines, loss of driving privileges, time in jail and a ruined reputation because of this alleged drunk driving accident. He has the right to defend himself against this charge if he so desires. He also has the right to decide how to plea to it.

One way he can ensure he makes the right choices regarding his defense is to understand the charge against him. He should also find out if plea deals are possible for his case. The more information he has about his case and the potential outcomes, the better prepared he might be as he goes through the criminal court system.

Source: CBS New York, “Long Island Man Arrested On Drunk Driving Charge In Fatal Smithtown Crash” No author given, Jun. 14, 2014