Man with 10 passengers facing felony drunk driving charge

| Jun 27, 2014 | Felony DUI

Drunk driving public service announcements serve as a reminder that it isn’t safe to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol. Despite those warnings, there are some instances in which doing so might be necessary. For one Queens man, making this choice has landed him in trouble with the law, so now he will have to defend himself against some serious charges.

The 37-year-old was driving a vehicle when police were notified via a license plate reader that the man’s driver’s license was suspended. The man was driving with 10 other people in the car, including two young children and two teenagers.

Upon pulling the man over, officers determined that none of the four children in the vehicle were restrained and that the driver was seemingly drunk. They also allege the man had a blood-alcohol concentration of .10 when he was taken to the police barracks.

Because of the children in the vehicle, the man was charged under Leandra’s Law and now faces felony aggravated DWI. He also has citations for other traffic violations.

This man is now facing a serious drunk driving charge in relation to this traffic stop. He has the right to present a defense against the charges placed against him.

Those who are facing DUI charges should make sure that they are aware of their rights from the initial stop through the final court proceedings. Knowing your rights can help you determine what information you provide and how you handle issues that come up at any point during the process.

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