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July 2014 Archives

Serious consequences for officer charged with drunk driving

It is no secret that being charged with drunk driving in New York can have a profound impact on a defendant's life. What some people don't realize is just how far reaching these consequences can be. Many people tend to think that the consequences end with fines, time in jail and other legal actions. That, however, is a big misconception because drunk driving charges can potentially affect your job, your reputation and your family. Those are in addition to the legal consequences you face. In the case of one Port Authority cop, driving under the influence of alcohol ended up costing him his job.

DWI charge for woman involved in fatal New York accident

All human beings make mistakes at some point in their lives. Most mistakes do not lead to injuries or death, but in the case of driving while intoxicated, serious consequences often arise. A recent accident involving a driver who was allegedly intoxicated is an example of just how devastating a drunk driving mistake can be.

New York visitor hits pedestrian, faces DWI charge

When people travel away from home, they often do things they wouldn't normally do. In some cases, this involves going out on the town for a night of fun that might include some alcohol consumption. For some people, driving somewhere after drinking while in a strange place is somewhat of a necessity. A recent accident involving an alleged drunk driver from out of state brings this scenario to life.

New York will see increased patrols for drunk driving

The holiday weekend is upon us. That means that people might decide to celebrate summer and the country's independence by having barbeques, shooting fireworks, and drinking alcohol. While there is nothing wrong with doing those things, it is important for everyone celebrating to make sure that they make arrangements ahead of time for transportation if they are drinking. When you consider that police officers will be cracking down on drunk driving over the weekend, it is easy to see why this would be paramount.