DWI charge for woman involved in fatal New York accident

| Jul 18, 2014 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide

All human beings make mistakes at some point in their lives. Most mistakes do not lead to injuries or death, but in the case of driving while intoxicated, serious consequences often arise. A recent accident involving a driver who was allegedly intoxicated is an example of just how devastating a drunk driving mistake can be.

The New York State Police say that a 26-year-old woman was driving a vehicle and didn’t go through a curve properly. Her car crossed a grassy area, went over railroad tracks, and ended up on another road. Two vehicles were in the path of her out-of-control car.

One woman was killed in the accident. Seven other people were injured, including the the individuals who were passengers in the alleged drunk driver’s vehicle. The accident involved a total of three vehicles.

The driver who was said to have been intoxicated has been charged with second-degree vehicular manslaughter and a drunk driving charge. Her bail was set at $20,000 property or $10,000 cash.

This woman has the right to defend herself against the charges placed against her, which can lead to jail time, fines and other penalties if she is convicted. This woman is not only facing criminal charges, she also has to live with knowing the outcome of the accident, which is something that might haunt her the rest of her life.

Anyone who is in a situation similar to this woman should make sure they understand their rights. Knowing what to expect as you go through the criminal justice process could make it easier for a person to cope with the proceedings and their outcome.

Source: Star Gazette, “Dundee woman killed, 7 hurt in DWI crash” Jul. 18, 2014