New York visitor hits pedestrian, faces DWI charge

| Jul 15, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges

When people travel away from home, they often do things they wouldn’t normally do. In some cases, this involves going out on the town for a night of fun that might include some alcohol consumption. For some people, driving somewhere after drinking while in a strange place is somewhat of a necessity. A recent accident involving an alleged drunk driver from out of state brings this scenario to life.

The alleged drunk driver was in a Ford when he hit a pedestrian in Queens in the early morning hours of the Saturday following the Fourth of July. After he ran into the pedestrian, he drove into the oncoming lane. He ultimately stopped when he hit a parked car and knocked over a parking meter.

Sadly, the pedestrian lost his life, and the 42-year-old driver of the Ford is facing a drunk driving charge, as well as a vehicular manslaughter charge and a criminally negligent homicide charge. This is the man’s second arrest for drunk driving in a decade.

No matter what the cause of this accident, the man arrested has the right to defend himself against these charges. It is important that he understands what each charge means and decides how to answer to each of these charges. Even though he is from another state, this man will still have to face the criminal justice system in New York.

Drunk driving convictions, especially in cases involving a death, can have serious consequences. Losing your driving privileges, spending time in jail and having to pay fines are some of the possible consequences you may face. Understanding the potential consequences might help you to decide how to answer to the charges being placed against you.

Source: New York Daily News, “Man killed by allegedly drunk driver in Queens“, Joseph Stepansky and Barry Paddock, July 6, 2014