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September 2014 Archives

Serious penalties for DWI accidents require firm defense strategy

Getting into a drunk driving accident is a horrible experience for anyone. If you were the driver accused of driving drunk, the horror can extend long past the date of the accident. In some drunk driving accidents, a fatality can occur. In those cases, the responsible driver might be charged with vehicular homicide. If the accident involved injuries, vehicular assault might be a charge the at-fault driver can face.

What are penalties in New York for underage drinking and driving?

For people who are pulled over and accused of drunk driving, a lot of terms might come up as they go through the criminal justice system. Many of these terms have to do with the exact charge the person is facing. The actual charge has a big impact on the consequences you face in New York. Drivers under 21 years old who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs face different penalties from drivers who are 21 or older.

Don't let drunk driving charges ruin your life

For some adults, their reputation is one of the most important things they have. When you are arrested on drunk driving charges, your reputation might suffer. Just the connotation around these types of charges can be enough to have a profound effect on someone's reputation.

Implied consent laws in New York are harsh and automatic

When you see police lights behind your vehicle, you might automatically get nervous. If you have been consuming alcohol, that nervousness might impede your ability to think clearly. One thing that all motorists who enjoy alcohol should be aware of is the implied consent law that governs penalties for refusing to take a breath test upon request.