Don’t let drunk driving charges ruin your life

| Sep 12, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges

For some adults, their reputation is one of the most important things they have. When you are arrested on drunk driving charges, your reputation might suffer. Just the connotation around these types of charges can be enough to have a profound effect on someone’s reputation.

For people who have been charged with drunk driving in New York, having a strong defense against the charges is one way that they can minimize the consequences of the charges. We understand how these consequences, such as the loss of driving privileges, can affect every aspect of your life. We also understand that people make mistakes but agree that those mistakes shouldn’t have life-long consequences.

Whether you are facing your first DWI offense or a subsequent charge, you need a proper defense. This is especially true if you refused to take the breath test because of the very serious immediate consequences of that choice. Instead of having to spend your time learning the DUI laws in New York, you can rely on our experience in interpreting the laws to help you through this troubling time.

We are familiar with cases involving license revocation and suspension. We know how difficult it can be to face paying fines, especially when your livelihood might have been affected by the drunk driving charges.

Facing the consequences of a drunk driving charge can be very stressful, but you don’t have to face those charges alone. You can enjoy compassionate help as you deal with the entire process. From misdemeanors to felonies, our experience can work. You can learn more on our drunk driving webpage.

Source: Tinari, O’Connell & Osborn, LLP, “Central Islip DUI Defense Attorneys” Sep. 12, 2014