Serious penalties for DWI accidents require firm defense strategy

| Sep 26, 2014 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide

Getting into a drunk driving accident is a horrible experience for anyone. If you were the driver accused of driving drunk, the horror can extend long past the date of the accident. In some drunk driving accidents, a fatality can occur. In those cases, the responsible driver might be charged with vehicular homicide. If the accident involved injuries, vehicular assault might be a charge the at-fault driver can face.

If you are the driver facing these charges, you probably know that you are facing serious penalties. While the people who were injured and the family members of the person who killed are facing some effects of the accident, you are having to fight the criminal justice system. As you go through that process, you need adequate representation to ensure that your rights are protected.

It is important for anyone who is facing these charges to understand everything about the charges. You shouldn’t make statements or enter a plea until you have spoken to an attorney. Because of the severity of these types of charges, you need an experienced defense attorney. We can help you to present your side of the story.

From fighting for your driving privileges to keeping you out of jail, we will work for you. Even if you will have to face some consequences, we can fight to help you get the most favorable sentence possible. While you work to overcome the effects of the accident, we can work to determine how to apply laws to your case in a way that helps you.