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October 2014 Archives

What field sobriety tests are used for DWI charges?

By now, readers of our blog have probably seen us refer to a field sobriety test. While many people know about these tests, some of our readers might have some questions about them. Let's take a look into field sobriety tests by answering some common questions.

Drunk driving charges need swift action in New York

In last week's blog post, we discussed how a woman beat a manslaughter charge for a drunk driving crash that killed her friend in 2013. That post brings up the important point of having a strong defense to present when you are facing serious criminal charges in New York.

New York woman beats manslaughter charge for 2013 crash

We have often discussed various criminal trials in the New York area, but it isn't that often that we cover a case like the one we will cover in this post. The case has to do with a driver who was charged with manslaughter after her friend died in a car accident on the Williamsburg Bridge.

Boating while intoxicated in New York has serious consequences

When most people think of drunk driving, their thoughts turn to cars and trucks. That, however, isn't the only type of drunk driving that occurs. Boating under the influence and boating while intoxicated are other types of drunk driving that can lead to serious consequences. Additionally, it is against the law in New York. For people who are out on the waterways having fun, these charges can often come as a shock.

What are reasons for felony drunk driving charges?

When most people think about drunk driving charges, they might assume that these charges are all misdemeanor counts. That, however, isn't the case. In last week's blog post, we covered the need of people who are facing vehicular homicide and vehicular assault charges in New York to have a strong defense. Both of those charges are actually felony DUI charges that come with very serious consequences. There are several things that can trigger a felony charges for drunk driving charges.