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December 2014 Archives

Chemical test refusal penalties in New York

As the last night to enjoy a good time with friends in 2014 draws near, it is important that our readers remember that driving after consuming alcohol is against the law in New York. We recently discussed how New York has a Zero Tolerance law. We have also discussed some of the possible penalties for drinking and driving. Today, we are going to discuss what can happen if you don't take the chemical test when you are requested to do so.

New York woman offered plea deal for drunk driving charge

Facing drunk driving charges is something that no driver ever wants to have to face. For some people who are involved in jobs that keep them in the public's eye, charges like that can be devastating. A recent drunk driving case has come to light that shows how important it is to have experienced representation.

Don't let felony drunk driving charges ruin your entire life

Learning that you are facing a felony drunk driving charge is devastating. Once the charge is filed, you have to deal with the criminal justice system. You also have to deal with the social and professional difficulties that come with a drunk driving charge. Losing your license, not being able to drive and having to rely on others to help you get where you need to go are difficult.