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February 2015 Archives

What are the consequences of vehicular manslaughter in New York?

Last week, we discussed the case of the man who was allegedly drunk when he slammed into a snowplow. That accident claimed the life of the man's passenger. That post might have some of our readers wondering about charges like vehicular manslaughter. The answers to some common questions about vehicular manslaughter might shock some of our New York readers.

Man hits snowplow, faces DWI charges

Drunk driving is never a good idea. When there is snow on the ground, that statement is even more accurate. A recent story that hit the media about an alleged drunk driver hammers that point home. Our New York readers might be interested in reading a bit about this fatal accident.

False high breath test results can lead to DWI charges

In our blog post last week, we discussed how the Breathalyzer test is sometimes faulty because they aren't properly calibrated. That, however, is only one of the issues that might render a Breathalyzer test faulty. There are several other factors that can affect the accuracy of these tests. All of these factors can lead to a blood alcohol concentration percentage that seems to be over the legal limit of .08 percent for most when, in fact, it isn't that high.

Faulty breath tests might lead to wrongful DWI charges

We have often discussed Breathalyzer tests and how they play a part in drunk driving arrests. Our readers know that they have the right to decline a Breathalyzer test, but that doesn't come without severe penalties. What some of our New York readers might not know is that there are some very interesting points about Breathalyzers that have made them the subject of a controversy.