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March 2015 Archives

Off-duty cop crashes in New York, previous DUI arrests noted

Many New York residents were probably shocked and saddened to hear about the recent accident that ended in a police officer and a civilian being killed when an off-duty police officer drove the wrong way up the West Shore Expressway. More details about the driver in that case are coming to light.

Fight for your driving privileges in New York after DUI or DWI

In our post last week, we discussed how some people in New York who have a drunk driving conviction might be able to get a restricted driver's license instead of having to deal with a full license revocation. As we discussed, these programs come with very strict requirements for the drivers. If those requirements aren't upheld, the driver can lose the restricted license and will end up with no driving privileges at all. We know how difficult it is for our New York readers to deal with any sort of restrictions on a license or a full revocation of the license. We are here to help you fight against driver's license related issues.

What is a conditional drivers' license in New York?

In New York, a person who is convicted of a drunk driving charge might find out that their drivers' license is being suspended or revoked. This can cause significant problems for some people. Getting to work or school can often be a complicated issue. For some people, getting a conditional drivers' license or driving privileges might help them to be able to get to and from vital places.

Learn your defense options for DUI-related charges in New York

If you recall, we recently discussed the case of a man who was accused of drunk driving when he was involved in an accident that killed a passenger when the vehicle hit a snow plow. Last week, we discussed some of the penalties associated with a criminal conviction for vehicular manslaughter. With those two posts in mind, it is easy to see why anyone accused of crimes like those must have proper legal representation when they are fighting against the charges.