Fight for your driving privileges in New York after DUI or DWI

| Mar 20, 2015 | Driver's License Suspension or Revocation

In our post last week, we discussed how some people in New York who have a drunk driving conviction might be able to get a restricted driver’s license instead of having to deal with a full license revocation. As we discussed, these programs come with very strict requirements for the drivers. If those requirements aren’t upheld, the driver can lose the restricted license and will end up with no driving privileges at all. We know how difficult it is for our New York readers to deal with any sort of restrictions on a license or a full revocation of the license. We are here to help you fight against driver’s license related issues.

In almost all drunk driving cases, you will face at least a license suspension. In some cases, a lifetime revocation is possible. We know that these actions can have an adverse effect on your career and your life in general. We can help you fight for your driving privileges.

In some cases, you can petition specific legal bodies to have a suspension or revocation removed. It is also possible to do as we said last week and seek a conditional license. It is important for you to understand what is possible in your case so we can work with you to determine how to defend your license.

No matter if you are still facing a drunk driving charge or if you have already been convicted, you may have options to return, at least in part, to a normal life that includes being able to drive.