Learn your defense options for DUI-related charges in New York

| Mar 4, 2015 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide

If you recall, we recently discussed the case of a man who was accused of drunk driving when he was involved in an accident that killed a passenger when the vehicle hit a snow plow. Last week, we discussed some of the penalties associated with a criminal conviction for vehicular manslaughter. With those two posts in mind, it is easy to see why anyone accused of crimes like those must have proper legal representation when they are fighting against the charges.

The fact of the matter is that all defendants in a criminal case have the right to defend themselves. Drunk driving cases in New York are no exception. When the circumstances surrounding a fatal motor vehicle accident lead the authorities to believe that you were drunk and driving when the accident occurred, you will likely find yourself fighting against a barrage of charges.

We know that facing charges like this isn’t easy. If the person who lost his or her life was a friend or family member, the raw emotion you feel might make the situation even more difficult. We know that you need someone who has ample experience fighting against drunk driving and vehicular manslaughter charges to help you learn your options for how you handle your case.

Even if your drunk driving case carries minimal penalties, you might still face losing your driving privileges. In some cases, that loss is permanent. Losing your driving privileges can often have a profound effect on your life. By the same token, time in jail and steep fines can also harm your life.

We know that defending yourself, keeping your reputation protected and minimizing the effect on your life are important to you. We can use our knowledge of the law to help you learn your options.