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May 2015 Archives

Debunking common myths about drinking and driving

There are a lot of myths surrounding drinking and driving. In some cases, the myths lead to serious misconceptions about how alcohol affects a person's ability to drive a vehicle. The problem with many of the misconceptions is that they can negatively impact a person's legal standing for fighting drunk driving charges.

Some cases require a comprehensive defense strategy

Facing criminal charges of any kind is an experience that nobody looks forward to. Just last week, we discussed the case of the person who is facing a host of charges, including DUI and assault, after hitting a grandfather who was pushing his grandson in a stroller. That man's case shows that some cases involve more than one type of criminal charge.

Man faces charges after accident with pedestrian

When a car accident happens, some people automatically think that drunk driving might have played a part in the accident. When that thought is factual, the drunk driver will likely face charges for the accident. A recent story in New York shows how one accident could end up having serious consequences for all parties involved in the accident.