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July 2015 Archives

DWI charge stands for driver with .066 blood-alcohol conentration

Every state in the United States has a legal limit for the blood-alcohol concentration of drivers. New York's limit for drivers is .08 percent. That number can often have a big impact on a person's charges if he or she is arrested for drunk driving. A recent case involving a man who is said to have T-boned a limousine carrying eight women is proving to be an interesting one.

A defense must encompass considerations for all your charges

In our most recent blog posts, we have discussed how some drunk driving incidents can lead to charges of vehicular assault. We have also discussed how a DUI conviction can impede your chances of getting a job. We also discussed how a DUI stop might lead to arrest, search and seizure. After reading through all of those posts, it might become evident just how much of an impact a drunk driving charge can have on your life.

What are the requirements for arrest, search and seizure?

There are many questions that can go through a person's mind when he or she is being accused of drunk driving. In some cases, those questions have to do with the legalities of what is happening. Some of those questions might pertain to your Fourth Amendment rights regarding arrest, search and seizure. Knowing the answers to common questions ahead of time might help you to spot illegal methods that may be used during a drunk driving incident.

How might a DUI conviction impede my chances of finding a job?

We have often discussed how being convicted of drunk driving can alter every aspect of your life. Many people might not realize how far-reaching those impacts can be. While many people realize that a DUI conviction can stop you from getting a job that requires you to drive, some people might not realize that it can also stop you from getting other jobs.

Vehicular assault can stem from negligence

When you think of standard types of assault charges, they usually come from some deliberate action being taken on the part of the person who is being charged. This could be a violent physical action, a threat, the use of intimidation or something of this nature. While it may happen in the heat of the moment, it is still usually intentional.