DWI charge stands for driver with .066 blood-alcohol conentration

| Jul 25, 2015 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide

Every state in the United States has a legal limit for the blood-alcohol concentration of drivers. New York’s limit for drivers is .08 percent. That number can often have a big impact on a person’s charges if he or she is arrested for drunk driving. A recent case involving a man who is said to have T-boned a limousine carrying eight women is proving to be an interesting one.

The man was charged with driving while intoxicated in connection with that crash. He has pleaded not guilty to that charge from his hospital bed. Interestingly, the results from his BAC test note that his BAC was only .066 percent. As you can see, that is less than the legal limit.

Despite the fact that his result is below the legal limit of .08 percent, the Suffolk County District Attorney isn’t going to reduce the charge to driving while impaired. He says that the delay of 1 hour and 40 minutes from the time of the accident until the BAC test was done may have reduced the results. He says analysts say that they believed the man had a BAC of more than .08 percent when the crash occurred.

Another interesting point to note in this case is that the limo driver admitted that he was trying to make a U-turn when the accident occurred. A witness backed up the driver’s story with a note that the limo “was turning right in front” of the man’s truck. U-turns are legal where the accident occurred, but they aren’t necessarily safe for limos because of how the vehicles have to be swung out wide to make the turn.

After the accident, the alleged drunk driver remained on the scene but then opted to walk away, climb a 6-foot fence and go down a steep embankment. Law enforcement officers were able to make contact with him and took him into custody.

Anyone who is facing a drunk driving charge should make sure that he or she looks into the BAC in the record. In some cases, that figure can impact the charges they face.

Source: NBC New York, “Blood Tests Show Pickup Driver in Limo Crash That Killed 4 Women Was Below Legal Alcohol Limit: Officials,” Andrew Siff, July 24, 2015