How might a DUI conviction impede my chances of finding a job?

| Jul 10, 2015 | Drunk Driving Charges

We have often discussed how being convicted of drunk driving can alter every aspect of your life. Many people might not realize how far-reaching those impacts can be. While many people realize that a DUI conviction can stop you from getting a job that requires you to drive, some people might not realize that it can also stop you from getting other jobs.

Can an employer fail to offer me a job just because of my DUI on my background check?

In short, the answer is maybe. New York is one of 14 states that requires that an employer prove that failing to hire someone because of a criminal history is necessary because of the job. This means that a DUI conviction is likely to stop you from being able to get a job as a trucker or a pizza delivery driver, but it shouldn’t be able to stop you from getting a job serving hamburgers in a restaurant.

Do all employers run criminal background checks on applicants?

Many employers don’t run criminal background checks on applicants. Some employers, however, are required to run background checks on potential employees. People who work with disabled individuals, the elderly and children must have a background check done. People who are applying for a professional license, those running for public office and those seeking a security clearance will also need a background check.

A DUI conviction can greatly impede your chance of finding certain types of employment. That is only one reason why anyone facing a DUI charge should do his or her best to have the charge dropped or reduced.

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