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August 2015 Archives

All drunk driving-related charges need early defense assistance

Last week, we discussed new technology that is showing promise as an alternative to ignition interlock devices for people who are convicted of drunk driving charges. In that blog post, we discussed how some people find the ignition interlock device intrusive. We know that the thought of an ignition interlock device or a drunk driving conviction are certainly not something you want to entertain.

New technology on the horizon to stop drunk driving

In previous blog posts, we have discussed how some people who are convicted of drunk driving might have to use an ignition interlock on the vehicles they drive. If U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has it his way, those ignition interlock devices would give way to a new type of technology.

Handling a request to search during a traffic stop

For some people, having to come into contact with the police is an exercise in patience. For others, fear and anger abound because of the inclination to defend yourself as soon as officers contact you. Generally, it is best to try to remain calm if you are stopped by officers. There are a few other pointers that might help you deal with officers if you are pulled over.

Drunk driving before age 21 violates No Tolerance laws

Anyone who is under 21 years old isn't allowed to purchase or consume alcohol in New York. With that in mind, it shouldn't come as a surprise that people who aren't allowed to purchase or consume alcohol aren't allowed to driver under the influence of alcohol. In fact, the Zero Tolerance laws provide very specific and harsh consequences for people under 21 years old who are caught drinking and driving.