All drunk driving-related charges need early defense assistance

| Aug 26, 2015 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide

Last week, we discussed new technology that is showing promise as an alternative to ignition interlock devices for people who are convicted of drunk driving charges. In that blog post, we discussed how some people find the ignition interlock device intrusive. We know that the thought of an ignition interlock device or a drunk driving conviction are certainly not something you want to entertain.

The fact of the matter is that if you are facing drunk driving charges in New York, you are facing some very serious penalties. This is true for every drunk driving charge, even if it is the first time you have been charged with drunk driving.

We can help you learn about your options for a drunk driving defense. We can help you to learn about how to handle the issues that will come up with your drivers’ license. In some cases, we might be able to help you get a conditional license.

When you think about the consequences of a drunk driving conviction, especially if you are also facing vehicular homicide or vehicular assault charges, you know that a conviction could affect every aspect of your life. You might face a ruined reputation. You might lose your job because of the drivers’ license suspension or revocation. While we can’t promise you that none of those effects will occur, we can work on your behalf to minimize the damage.

Your drunk driving defense starts as soon as you are stopped by the police. Everything you say and do from then on can impact your case. Let us stand by your side from the beginning to ensure that your rights are respected and your defense strategies are preserved.