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December 2015 Archives

Breathalyzer sensor type can affect test accuracy

In our previous post, we discussed the methods that are available for testing blood alcohol concentration. One of these, the Breathalyzer test is the most commonly used. That is due to the ease of use. Blood tests must only be done in a clinical or hospital setting. These tests are much more invasive than a breath test, so many police departments rely on breath tests to determine a person's BAC.

What are the types of blood alcohol content testing?

Blood alcohol content is a measure of how much alcohol is in your body; it is also referred to as a BAC. Each state in the country applies various charges related to driving while intoxicated based on how high your BAC limit is if law enforcement tests it. In most states, including New York, charges are possible beginning at a .08 percent BAC.

All drunk driving convictions lead to driver's license loss

There are several different charges related to drunk driving that a person might face if he or she is driving drunk in New York. The classification of the charge placed against you can have an effect on the possible penalties that you face if you are convicted, but all charges have one thing in common -- you lose your driver's license for a certain period of time.