Drunk driving defense may include affirmation with explanations

| Jan 29, 2016 | Drunk Driving Charges

Determining what defense strategy to use in a drunk driving case is crucial for any defendant. All of the aspects of the case come into consideration when a decision is being made. We know that thinking about which strategy to use can be difficult because you don’t want to make the wrong decision.

When we work on your defense, we take a look into the case the prosecution is using against you. We also take your recollection of the drunk driving arrest into account. When we put everything together, we can explain the options that we have so that you can make a choice about your case.

There is a variety of options that might work in your drunk driving defense. You might want to acknowledge that you did drive after drinking, but you might need to explain the circumstances that led you to do so. In that case, we can work on building an affirmative defense for you. These defenses take a variety of factors into consideration, so we can tailor the defense to fit your case.

If you didn’t drive drunk and feel that a mistake was made, we might be able to work on building a defense that reflects that. In those cases, we will need to gather evidence that shows why the charge was incorrect since that evidence will support your claims.

No matter what type of defense strategy is necessary in your drunk driving case, we need to get started on building it quickly. This can help us ensure that we are as prepared as possible if your case ends up going to trial.