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February 2016 Archives

Your driving privileges are at stake after a DUI-related charge

Not having your driver's license is a huge burden for many people since it can affect every aspect of your life. Without your driver's license, you will have to depend on public transit or other people to get you to work, doctor's appointments, the grocery store and other places that you need to go. If you are facing a drunk driving charge in New York, there is a good chance that your driver's license will be revoked or suspended.

What are the reasons why a DUI stop might be initiated?

When a person is stopped by the police for a suspicion of drunk driving, he or she is often very upset about the development. These traffic stops can sometimes lead to the question of what constitutes reasonable suspicion for a DUI stop.

Fight against the penalties of a breath test refusal

When you accept a driver's license in New York, you are agreeing that you will submit to tests to determine your blood-alcohol concentration if you are stopped for the suspicion of drunk driving. If you fail to submit to the test, you can face penalties. We know that being accused of drunk driving can make you infuriated. It is vital that you don't let that fury impact your ability to make informed choices.

What is a conditional license after a revocation or suspension?

When you are convicted of an impaired driving offense, you might have to go through the Impaired Driver Program. This program is geared toward preventing future instances of drunk or impaired driving by a person who has been previously convicted.