Your driving privileges are at stake after a DUI-related charge

| Feb 25, 2016 | Driver's License Suspension or Revocation

Not having your driver’s license is a huge burden for many people since it can affect every aspect of your life. Without your driver’s license, you will have to depend on public transit or other people to get you to work, doctor’s appointments, the grocery store and other places that you need to go. If you are facing a drunk driving charge in New York, there is a good chance that your driver’s license will be revoked or suspended.

If you are facing charges for drunk driving or for refusing a breath test, you need to move swiftly if you want to try to protect your driving privileges. You will have to fight to keep your license. In some cases, you will have to file a petition to get a conditional license that would allow you limited driving privileges.

We know that all of this can be a frightening experience. We are here to help you learn how you can fight for your right to drive. We will stand by you throughout the process to make sure that you understand what is going on and know what options you have at each step of your case, including the proceedings that are necessary to try to preserve your driving privileges.

While it is crucial to fight for your driving privileges, that isn’t the only fight that you have. You also have to fight against the drunk driving charges. We can help you to learn the defense strategies that might be applicable to your case so that you can make a choice about how you want your case handled.