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March 2016 Archives

How does involuntary manslaughter come into a DUI case?

In our last blog post, we discussed how DUI charges can lead to other criminal charges. One example of this would be if someone dies in a drunk driving accident. The alleged drunk driver could face charges for involuntary manslaughter. If you are facing this type of charge, you should make sure that you understand exactly what the charge means.

DUI charges are sometimes combined with other criminal charges

Drunk driving charges are serious enough on their own, but the situation can get even more serious if you are facing other charges on top of the drunk driving charges. This can occur if you were involved in an accident that killed or injured another person. In that case, you might be facing vehicular homicide or vehicular assault charges.

What is considered during a DUI sentencing?

Being charged with a drunk driving offense is a difficult situation. An even more difficult situation is having to go through the sentencing process if you are convicted of a DUI. There are several factors that come into the picture when you are being sentenced for a DUI conviction.