DUI charges are sometimes combined with other criminal charges

| Mar 11, 2016 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide

Drunk driving charges are serious enough on their own, but the situation can get even more serious if you are facing other charges on top of the drunk driving charges. This can occur if you were involved in an accident that killed or injured another person. In that case, you might be facing vehicular homicide or vehicular assault charges.

We know that these charges come with some frightening penalties. They all require you to develop a defense strategy that addresses the issues raised in the prosecution’s case. We can help you understand the options that you have for answering the points that are raised.

The fact of the matter is that you face some very harsh penalties if you are convicted of drunk driving, vehicular assault or vehicular homicide charges. Not only will you have to deal with court-imposed penalties, you will also have to deal with the social stigma that comes with these types of convictions.

If your chosen profession is one that requires a clean criminal record, such a doctor or teacher, you might find that you can’t continue with your career if you have certain convictions on your record. If you are a young college student, you might not realize how much these convictions can affect your life.

We know that all of these consequences are hard to think about, but they aren’t going to go away. When you are facing these types of criminal charges, the only thing you can do is prepare your defense so you can fight against the charges that you are facing.