A drunk driving accident can lead to a host of criminal charges

| Apr 29, 2016 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide

When a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking, there is a chance that he or she will end up facing criminal charges for drinking and driving. In some cases, those charges will come from a law enforcement officer initiating a traffic stop. In other cases, the charges will come from an accident that the drunk driver was involved in.

In the case of a drunk driving accident, there is a chance that the driver who was allegedly drunk would face criminal charges on top of the DUI charge. If people were injured in the accident, vehicular assault is a possible charge. If someone was killed, vehicular homicide is a possible charge.

When there are other charges placed against a person on top of a DUI, the defendant must address the concerns and points of each criminal charge. This means that the defense in the case will need to be more complex than what would be necessary for a basic DUI. We are ready to build your defense with you so that each charge can be addressed.

It is understandable that you might not know exactly what you should do now that you know you are facing these charges. One of the first things that we should do is address the possible effects on your driver’s license. At the same time, we should also begin to find out what options might be suitable for your defense.

We know that you feel bad that your decision led to an accident that involved injuries or death. We also know that you shouldn’t have to deal with legal consequences for the rest of your life since you will already have to live with the knowledge that the accident occurred.