Don’t drink and boat in New York

| Apr 8, 2016 | Drunk Driving Charges

As the summer months unfold, more and more people will take to the waterways of the state in an effort to have fun and enjoy the sun. It is important for anyone operating a boat to be in good shape to do so. One thing that they mustn’t do is to operate the boat while under the influence of alcohol. In New York, it is possible to face criminal charges for boating under the influence.

Just like what happens on the roadways, law enforcement officers can stop you while you are boating if they think you are under the influence. They can also set up checkpoints to determine if there are boaters who are under the influence. Not only is it possible for local and state officials to press charges for boating under the influence, ti is also possible for federal authorities like the Coast Guard to press charges against intoxicated boaters.

In New York, there are blood-alcohol concentration limits for boaters. People who are under 21 years old have a BAC limit of .02 percent. Commercial drivers have a BAC limit of .04 percent. Other drivers have a BAC limit of .08 percent. Any boat operator who has a higher BAC can face criminal charges.

Boating under the influence can have serious consequences. It is imperative that you understand the penalties you are facing, as well as your rights. All of these factors, along with the prosecution’s case against you, can have an impact on the defense strategy you use for your case. If you are facing charges of boating under the influence,begin working on your defense strategy as soon as possible.

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