Certain steps occur during a DUI arrest

| Jun 24, 2016 | Drunk Driving Charges

The flashing lights of a police car behind your vehicle when you know you are driving after having a few drinks can almost make your heart stop. If it is determined that you are too drunk to drive, you will be arrested. There are a few different steps that will occur after the arrest. Understanding these can help you as you move through the process.

The first thing that will happen is that you will be booked into jail. During this step, your personal information is collected, your criminal background is checked, your personal property is collected and confiscated, you will be photographed, you will be fingerprinted, and you will be placed in a cell.

Once you are arrested, you will either have a bail hearing or be told a preset bail amount for the DUI charge. Bail is a monetary amount that you can pay to be released from jail. In some cases, it might be possible to be released without having to make a payment. That is called being released on your own recognizance, which involves signing a promisory note.

If you are given a monetary bail amount and can’t pay that amount, you might be able to use the services of a bail bondsman. This is a person who would put up a bond for you after you pay a specific portion of the bail amount to the bondsman.

No matter how you are released, you must ensure that you go to all court hearings or else you can be arrested. While you are out of jail, you should start working on your defense strategy.

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