Drunk driving accidents can lead to criminal charges

| Jun 9, 2016 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide

When you drive, you must ensure that you are doing so in a safe manner. That is close to impossible if you have been consuming alcohol. If you are involved in an accident and it is determined that you were intoxicated, you can face criminal charges. In some cases, a drunk driving charge might not be the only charge you face. Vehicular homicide or vehicular assault are also possible if someone was injured or killed in the accident.

Being involved in an accident is enough to meet the standard of reasonable suspicion that is required for a law enforcement officer to stop and detain you. If the officer thinks that you have been drinking, it is possible that you will be instructed to take a breath test or complete a field sobriety test. If these tests lead the law enforcement officer to believe that you are under the influence, you might be arrested based on probable cause.

Once it is determined that your blood-alcohol concentration percentage was high enough to warrant criminal drunk driving charges, you will likely be charged in court. Vehicular homicide or vehicular assault charges might be included in your case if the circumstances meet the criteria for those charges.

In addition to the criminal case against you, you might find yourself the subject of a civil case. Personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits based on drunk driving accidents are also possible.

The defense options that you have for a DUI case that includes vehicular homicide or assault can vary greatly. Explore each option carefully so that you can make your choice.

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