Alcoholism can sometimes lead to felony DUI charges

| Jul 15, 2016 | Felony DUI

Alcohol use disorder is a huge problem in the United States. For people with AUD, consuming alcohol is often part of their daily routine. They might not realize what effects their drinking has on their life. One way that they can be affected is by becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

Approximately 16.3 million Americans have AUD. Some of these people are likely going to face drunk driving charges. When drunk driving leads to accidents that cause injuries or if the person is repeatedly facing drunk driving charges, felony DUI charges might occur.

We understand that some people who face DUI charges have an honest problem with alcohol. Most of these people think that they can function normally even when they drink. If you have a problem with alcohol and are facing a DUI charge, we can help you to learn about what defense options you have.

Being accused of a DUI can have significant effects on your life. If that accusation leads to a conviction, the impacts can be even greater. Your defense strategy is the one way that you have to try to minimize the effects that the situation has on your life.

There isn’t any cookie-cutter defense that you can use for a DUI. Your defense has to take the specific points of your case into account. This means that we have to look at everything the prosecution has to use against you. From there, we can help you to go through the possible defense options so we can put together a customized plan for your case.