Smart cars to help older drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2016 | Car Accidents

We all have older loved ones. For some, it is a beloved grandmother, a dear dad, a spouse or someone else. Whoever it might be, you surely want them to be safe as they enjoy their golden years.

New auto technology becoming more and more commonplace might well help your older loved one avoid a motor vehicle accident that could cause significant injuries or even death.

The emerging tech helps detect oncoming vehicles, avoid collisions and apply the brakes to avoid crashes. Some of the technologies are already available in new cars, including the blind-spot warning systems that help drivers be aware of vehicles hidden from view.

But newer tech due to arrive in a year or two might revolutionize driving, a recent article states. And while the breakthroughs should make all of us safer, no one stands to benefit more than older drivers who have diminished eyesight, hearing and range of motion.

Older drivers are also more physically fragile; injuries can be more serious and threaten older lives more easily.

A research scientist for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and associate director of the New England University Transportation Center said that crash-reducing tech is “primed for helping tomorrow’s older adults.”

And when older Americans are safer on the road, we who share the streets with them are safer, too.

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