2 men die when man slams into allegedly stolen dirt bike

| Jul 7, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

When people see someone doing something wrong, they have to decide how they are going to respond. It is imperative that anyone who sees someone engaged in illegal activity refrain from taking matters into their own hands because failing to let the criminal justice system take its course could have horrible consequences.

A recent case shows just how devastating it can be when someone takes matters into their own hands. The case starts when a man in a van noticed a dirt bike that he noted was his brother’s. It had been stolen. On the dirt bike at the time of the incident were two men.

The man in the van followed the dirt bike and ended up slamming into it. Both of the men who were on the dirt bike died as a result of the crash. Instead of remaining at the scene of the crash, the man loaded the dirt bike into his van and tried to leave.

Ultimately, the man is facing criminal charges related to the death of the two men on the dirt bike. The mother of one of the men who perished is calling for justice. She claims that the man should have reacted differently when seeing the dirt bike. She further notes that the man shouldn’t have done anything since her son wasn’t convicted of stealing the dirt bike.

No matter how you perceive the facts of this case, the fact remains that two people were killed in this accident. Their family members are left behind to grieve this tragic loss that occurred because of a dirt bike.

Source: WABC-TV, “Mom of Long Island van crash victim: ‘I’ve got to bury my son, over a dirt bike?’,” June 23, 2017