How to avoid serious injury in common car vs. motorcycle crashes

| Sep 1, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

No matter how responsible you are as a motorcyclist, you can’t prevent motorists from being reckless. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are likely to suffer more severe injuries than motorists in a car vs. motorcycle crash. There are actions that motorcyclists can take when a driver makes an unsafe move to avoid or at least minimize the chance of serious injury.

Most motorcycle accidents occur when a car turns in front of a motorcyclist. Sometimes drivers don’t see the motorcyclist. Other times, they think they can make the turn before the motorcyclist reaches them.

These accidents can be avoided if you make it a point to see and be seen. Watch for motorists who may be preparing to make a turn. Not all drivers put their turn signals on or even use a turn lane. Look to see if their wheels are turned. Further, make sure that these drivers can see you. If you can’t prevent a crash, at least slow down and work to keep your motorcycle upright.

Motorcyclists can be injured or even killed by cars that aren’t moving if a driver opens the door of a parked car in front of a motorcyclist. The area around the door of a parked car actually has a name: “The Death Zone.” The best way to avoid being hit by someone not looking when the car door opens is to never ride in a lane next to parked cars. If you’re unable to avoid a car door, brake or at least slow down.

Finally, just as drivers too often turn in front of motorcyclists, often because they don’t see them, they also hit them by moving into their lane. By avoiding drivers’ blind spots, you can minimize the chances of this happening. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to see a driver’s eyes in his or her mirrors. If you see a lane where traffic is moving faster, remember that other drivers are probably going to be moving into it, so it may be best to stay out of it.

Too often, people blame motorcyclists for accidents that are a driver’s fault. If you’ve suffered an injury due to a driver’s actions, it’s important to seek legal guidance from a New York attorney who understands motorcycling and can effectively present your case and get the compensation you need to heal.

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