What are some common fall driving hazards?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | Car Accidents

One of the most beautiful seasons in the Northeast is autumn. Everyone loves a good summer along the East Coast, but when the leaves begin to change, there’s so much beauty to enjoy. Aside from the changing leaves, fall also brings with it quite a few dangerous driving hazards in New York. So, what are some common fall driving hazards?

Deer can be a hazard at any point during the year, but they truly cause problems during the fall. The fall season, through the month of December, is prime mating season for deer. You will see an uptick in deer along the sides of the road at dawn and at dusk. Be sure to stay on the lookout so you do not find yourself in an accident.

Sun glare is a big problem during the fall. The sun sits lower in the sky, which can be blinding for drivers during the afternoon and evening rush hours. Always have a pair of sunglasses on hand and pull safely off the road if you cannot navigate due to the sun.

Have you noticed a lot of fog in the morning? Fog is a big problem during the fall. You should only drive through fog using your regular headlights, not your high beams. High beams make it more difficult to see in the fog.

Wet leaves can reduce the traction of your tires, which can send you skidding off the road. Drive carefully when it rains during the fall. Try not to drive over a patch of wet leaves because they could also be hiding potholes or other hazards.

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