What type of motorcycle accident is most common?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2017 | Motorcycle Accidents

Every time you take your motorcycle out on the open road, you know the risks. You do everything in your power to avoid accidents. As such, you’re wondering what type of accident is most common. Clearly, it needs to be a main point of focus.

Unfortunately, the most common accident is very hard for motorcyclists to avoid. It’s the left-turn crash.

The way this usually happens is simple. You’re heading one direction on a two-lane road. A car is coming toward you, and that driver has to make a left turn. This will carry the other vehicle through your lane. Instead of waiting for you to go by, the driver turns right in front of you, and you slam head-on into the side of the vehicle.

Why does this happen so often? A lot of the time, turning drivers just don’t see the motorcycles at all. Motorcycles are rather small, making them harder to spot, and drivers are used to looking for trucks and cars. They may look right at the bike, never register that it’s there and turn in front of it.

For example, maybe there are two cars in front of you. The turning car stops and the driver waits for those vehicles. As soon as the second one goes past, he or she assumes the road is clear and accelerates into your lane. One second you’re following a pickup, enjoying the ride and the next second you’re crashing into the side of the other vehicle.

Accidents like this can be devastating and leave you with serious injuries. When another driver makes a mistake and causes a crash, you must know what rights you have to financial compensation.

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