Take action if you are injured on Black Friday or any day

| Nov 24, 2017 | Premises Liability

For the next six weeks, the stores are likely going to be very busy. Up until Christmas and Hanukkah, people are going to try to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. In the weeks after the holidays, people will be exchanging the gifts they received. Each trip to the store during these times can be a test in patience. They can also be dangerous.

Shopping injuries might not seem like they would be very serious, but they can actually be fatal. Think about the stories on the news about people suffering broken bones or being trampled to death during Black Friday sales. All of these are examples of how serious these cases can be.

Stores have a duty to keep the premises safe for workers and shoppers. This includes everything from making sure the parking lot is in good shape to ensuring that there aren’t overloaded items on overhead shelves. Even crowd control is a major component of shopping venues that can’t be ignored.

It is imperative that stores plan in advance for the busy holiday shopping season. They must figure out what risks and hazards might occur at their locations and preemptively act. This could mean having security guards on hand or using a ticket system to ensure that people aren’t trying to rush to claim big ticket items.

The management or owners of these locations must ensure that they have enough staff members on hand to keep the floors clean. Items strewn on the floors can pose a trip or slip hazard that can lead to falls. Spilled items can do the same.

While they are probably focused on restocking goods, employees need to make sure that they are putting items on shelves in a safe way. Trying to stack them too high or in an unstable manner can cause merchandise to fall on top of customers.

If you are injured in a Black Friday or holiday shopping accident, take action to hold the store accountable. This might help to reduce the costs that you have because of the accident.

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