Cutting off a semitruck in traffic is a dangerous choice

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2018 | Car Accidents

Big rigs provide a valuable transportation service to move goods around the country. This doesn’t mean that there is a cost to having these large trucks on the road. In fact, the cost is considerable. Semitruck crashes to do occur and can lead to catastrophic results.

It is imperative for anyone who is on the road to remember that semitrucks don’t handle like smaller vehicles. Truckers have to ensure that they have room to maneuver the trucks in all conditions. Other drivers need to take steps to help give truckers the room they need.

Sometimes, vehicles cut in front of 18-wheelers. This is a dangerous action because if something happens and the truck needs to stop, it will need more room than a regular vehicle. On the highway, the distance necessary for a semi to stop is around two football field lengths. That is a considerable distance that might not be present if the truck is cut off by another vehicle.

The stopping distance for semitrucks is even greater when the roads aren’t clear. When there is snow, ice or water on the road, the distance that a trucker needs to stop a fully loaded rig can be twice the normal distance it needs to stop or even greater.

One factor that can impact a claim for compensation after a semitruck crash is what caused the accident. If another vehicle cut the trucker off, you might find that you need to seek compensation from that driver. Having your case reviewed by someone familiar with semitruck crashes can help you find out what options you have to get the compensation that you deserve.

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